Each Year, the committee overseeing the work of the Fern Avenue Community Garden give the Golden Spade Award to a member of the garden who is not a Committee member. The recipient is the person who has significantly contributed to furthering the goals of the garden.


The 2020 Golden Spade recipient is Janet Farrall, pictured behind a set of seedling raising trays that she instigated and maintains.


The 2019 recipient was Robert Skopal.  

Golden Spade Award.HEIC
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COVID 19 Response

The Fern Avenue Community is concerned about the safety of members and visitors

and complies with COVID-safe requirements. These include:

1. All visitors must record their names, contact details and visiting times in the book located on the bench by the garden house.

2. The number of people allowed in the garden house is displayed on the door.

3. Members and guest must practice appropriate COVID hygiene and maintain the required physical distancing.