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Honorary Life Membership

The Management Committee of the Fern Avenue Community Garden

recently instituted the right to award Honorary Life Membership to 

a gardener who has made a long and outstanding contribution to the

functioning of the garden.

The first two recipients of this award are Jill Skopal and Cecile Storrie.

Both recipients have long been associated with the garden and their 

contributions have been outstanding. 

Jill has effectively been the General Manager of the Garden for two 

decades and has assisted with many of the day-to-day and functions of 

the garden as well as longer term planning.

Cecile is passionate about organic gardening and is committed to implementing this in

our garden. She has long shared her knowledge and experience with other gardeners

and has been instrumental in facilitating various educational programs and community


Jill and Cecile.jpg


Each year, the committee overseeing the work of the Fern Avenue Community Garden awards the Golden Spade Award to a member of the garden who is not a Committee member. The recipient is the person who has significantly contributed to furthering the goals of the garden.


The 2023 Golden Spade was awarded to Josh D'Ambrosio for the magnificent work he undertook to create a natural-looking pond in the garden - complete with plants, fish and a small fountain. It is a great asset for the Community Garden.  

November 2021

The Fern Avenue Community Garden gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a grant from the City of Unley allowing the garden to install two raised garden beds. These raised beds enable older garden members to maintain their involvement in gardening activities, 

Raised garden beds.jpg
Josh_Golden Spade Award 2023.jpg
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