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The garden is based on organic and sustainable principles and there are many garden features that reflect this ideal.
These include a straw bale house that operates using solar energy.
Rainwater collected from the house is used within the garden.
The garden has a compostable toilet and suitable organic garden waste is composted for use within the garden.


The garden site is historically significant in the local area because it was the site of the Fullarton Jam Factory - an award winning company that operated until the early 1900's.
The wall on Windsor Street dates back to this era.
A persimmon tree on the site is believed to be the oldest living specimen of this tree in South Australia dating back to approximately 1860.
A fig tree on the site is more than 100 years old.


Any thriving garden is dependent on the activity of bees for the fertilization of fruit and vegetable flowers.
Fern Avenue Community Garden is fortunate to have two bee hives located on the site to assist with the productivity of the garden. The hives are the property of 


A small number of hens are kept in an orchard enclosure in the garden and the eggs are sold to members of the garden.
Volunteers from within the garden community are responsible for their care.

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The Native Bee Hotel is a project of the Library of the City of Unley and was opened by Sophie Thomson (from the ABC Gardening Australia Program) in September 2019.


A spectacular circular herb garden has been renovated and upgraded by garden members. The herbs are available for use by members of the Community Garden

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In 2023, a garden member, Josh D'Ambrosio, took on a project to revitalise an existing pond area that was looking very tired. With the generous support of many local businesses, a magnificent new garden feature was completed,

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